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Fruit concentrates

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Fruit puree

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Fruit essential oil

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Cherry concentrate

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Red plum concentrate

Why Fruit Concentrate?

In order to be able to store the juice for a long time and also to make it easier and cheaper to transport, we turn it into a concentrate. Concentrate is different from fruit juice and there are two separate categories, while many people know these two concepts.

In concentrating fruits, juice, essential oil and a little of its color are lost, but instead its shelf life is much higher, while juice, as its name implies, is the juice and juice of the fruit that is obtained from dehydration of fruits. .

To produce fruit concentrate, the juice is made several times more concentrated, and by reducing the volume of the juice, it will be more economical and easier to transport, and it will be stored for a longer period of time.

کنسانتره میوه جات

Production process of concentrate and puree

مشاوره رایگان

In the production stages of concentrate and puree, there is a stage called vacuum concentration. At this stage, the water in the fruit is evaporated, this vapor is liquefied under the process of condensation, like what happens during rose water.

By doing this, the aroma of the fruit is extracted and produced. This aroma, which is also called the natural essence of the fruit, can be added to the fruit concentrate and puree in the last stage of production, or packaged for sale separately.

Dice and fruit peels

Shahd Zarnab Company announces its readiness to provide concentrates, purees, daisies and pulps of various fruits aseptic and non-aseptic for consumption by factories and other applicants with excellent quality and reasonable prices.

Pineapple dice, Mango dice, Portugal dice, Tangerine pulp, Halo dice, Pomegranate dice

دایس و پرک میوه جات

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