What is concentrate?

Concentrate means the concentrated form of a substance or a substance whose water is pressurized. Fruit concentrate, according to its application in the food industry, is a substance that has dense compounds of one or more other substances, in other words, a substance that has removed most of its components and solvents or water. It is obtained by taking water from a solution or substance, for example, taking water from fruit juice and converting it into fruit concentrate extract.

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Fruit concentrates

Fruit concentrate is produced by a continuous process and this process eventually leads to concentration. The nutrients in fruit concentrates include amino acids, vitamins, minerals, phosphorus and calcium.

Difference between fruit concentrate and fruit puree

In the production of concentrate, essential oils and extracts are prepared from fruits, which are prepared by mixing this essential oil with sugar and water, various drinks and juices. In contrast, fruit puree is a type of food that is mainly used for crushing and cooking inside the concentrate line of Babrix 36 and Brix 11 and Brix 11 puree for children’s food consumption, making bowls and pulpy juice.
Fruit puree is a food product used in the production of opaque juice. Natural fruit puree is rich in vitamins and minerals. Puree is used to flavor a variety of foods, beverages or snacks.

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Reasons for concentrating and its benefits

Among the important benefits of concentrating fruits are the following:

  • Significantly reduce volume and increase weight
  • Concentrate to about Brix 5% + – 70-65 + -5%
  • Concentrate easier transportation
  • Reduce shipping costs
  • Easier preparation of juice
  • Long-term storage in the refrigerator
  • Can be stored at normal temperatures in barrels

Important properties of fruit concentrate

The question probably arises for the consumer whether factory juices have fruit properties? It should be said that considering that some of the properties of the fruit may be lost in the cooking process, but what is the output of the process is a complete part of the properties of the fruit.
In the preparation of fruit concentrate, the nutritional value and properties of fruits are not lost. Fruit concentrate, which is one of the most popular products in various food industries and has many applications, has numerous properties.

These properties include:

  • Contains a variety of vitamins
  • Fast food digester
  • Blood pressure lowering
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Blood sugar regulator
  • Increase the body’s resistance to disease
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Brix Fruit Concentrate

Fruit concentrate brix, or brix in general, is a measure of the amount of solids in a sample or solution relative to the total weight of the solution.

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Fruit concentrate production process

In general, the production of fruit concentrate includes the following different steps:

  • Fruit preparation
  • wash
  • Decomposition
  • Filtration (at least in two stages)
  • Deaeration
  • Concentrate
  • Storage of concentrate in large tanks
  • Concentrate

Fruit concentrate is the result of buying fruit and washing and dehydration and filtration (at least in two stages) and concentrating or cooking the juice and storing it in large tanks. In this process, the fruit enters the filtration stage after dehydration. These filters are generally either vacuum or operate ceramically. After the preliminary heating, the fruits enter the press machine to separate the juice from them.
The pasteurized juice is transferred to juice tanks after pasteurization and cooling, and after special steps and passing through special filters, it is clarified, then transferred to vacuum devices for concentration and then water. The fruit turns into a thick substance called fruit concentrate.

Production of fruit juice from fruit concentrate

Juice is generally obtained as follows: first prepare the fruit and then wash and squeeze it, which separates the water from the fruit tissue. To preserve the juice, it is often concentrated. In this way, it is resistant to microbiological spoilage and chemical changes, and juice is used.

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Uses of fruit concentrate

Fruit concentrate is used in various fields of food industry, the most important of which are:

  • Confectionery
  • Cakes and cookies
  • Baking flavored breads
  • Juicing
  • Jam making
  • Marmalade making
  • Compote making
  • Juice production
  • Diet baby food

Storage conditions of various fruit concentrates

Storage conditions and shelf life of fruit concentrate will vary depending on the degree of brix and packaging. Fruit concentrate is stored in tanks or barrels.
Transportation Storage conditions of colored and non-colored concentrates of juice with different degrees of brix depends on the type of consumption and application of fruit concentrate in terms of color and aroma in the product. Fruit concentrate changes color over time at higher temperatures.

In general, the following points should be considered regarding the maintenance of concentrate:

  • Package type
  • Storage temperature
  • Shelf life
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Types of fruit concentrates in Zarnab nectar and their properties

Concentrate is prepared from different types of fruits, summer fruits and vegetables. Tropical fruit concentrate including bananas, pineapples, mangoes, guava, lychees, dragons, papayas, etc., including cold fruit concentrates of peaches, grapes, apples, pears, cherries, apricots, cherries, oranges, tangerines, etc. is.
Among the fruit concentrates in Zarnab nectar that have many useful properties, the following can be mentioned:

Properties of apples and apple concentrate

Because apple concentrate is widely used in the production of juices, it is an important product in the industry and many companies and factories are looking to buy it. Apple juice concentrate is one of the most popular juice production products among the producers of this product, whose properties include regulating blood sugar, etc.

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خواص انگور و کنسانتره انگور

Properties of grapes and grape concentrate

Important properties of grapes and grape concentrate are the following:
Treatment of asthma, strengthening bones, prevention of heart disease, treatment of migraine, treatment of constipation, relief of indigestion, reduction of fatigue, control of diabetes, treatment of kidney disorders, cholesterol balance, antibacterial, strengthening the immune system.

Properties of pomegranate and pomegranate concentrate

Pomegranate and its drinks are almost the favorite of most people in the food industry. Important properties of pomegranate and pomegranate concentrate include its tonicity for the heart, blood purification, anti-jaundice and liver strengthening, anti-itching and allergy. Sour pomegranate also disinfects the stomach and intestines and is useful for treating acne.

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Properties of cherries and cherry concentrate

Cherry is a laxative and anti-constipation fruit that cleanses the blood and stomach. It is useful for improving the narrowing of the arteries of the heart and is biliary. Cherry concentrate is produced in different types. Fresh and natural cherry concentrates are far from chemicals and preservatives and are composed of natural dyes. Cherry concentrate with a true 65% Brix percentage usually has the best concentration.

Sardasht red grape concentrate

Red grape concentrate is produced by filtering and concentrating sweet ripe red grapes and its color, aroma and taste are very stable. Red grapes are a good source of natural antioxidants and vitamins A, B, and C. Uses of red grape concentrate in food products include sweets, confectionery and bakery products, juices, smoothies, fruit drinks, ice cream, etc.

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Properties of Pineapple and Pineapple Concentrate

Important properties of this tropical fruit are: preventing cancer, lowering blood pressure, preventing asthma, reducing the risk of developing and progressing macular degeneration (macular degeneration), improving gastrointestinal function, affecting heart health, affecting skin health and. ..