Concentrate production process

As we deal with the process of concentrate production, we will briefly get acquainted with the concept of concentrate. Concentrate means a compressed, concentrated form of a substance or a substance whose water is pressurized. Concentrate is a substance that has a dense composition of one or more other types of substances, in other words, a substance in which most of the components and solvents or water have been removed, which may be done in several stages and processes. To be done.



Fruit concentrates

By taking the water from fruits or other substances, for example, the water in the juice and converting it into an extract, fruit concentrate or other substances is obtained. In the production of fruit concentrate, essential oils or extracts are prepared from fruits, which are obtained by mixing this essential oil with sugar and water, various drinks and juices. The nutrients in fruit concentrates include amino acids, minerals, a variety of fruit vitamins, phosphorus and calcium.


The process of producing fruit concentrate in a nutshell

Fruit concentrate or concentrated fruit juice is composed of different stages and is produced through a continuous and sequential process that eventually leads to fruit concentration. At first, the fruit enters the concentrate production factories and after being emptied in the tanks, it is directed to the presses by moving water.

In the next stages, after dehydration, it reaches filtration and concentration. At the end, the concentrated water of fruits, which is called concentrate, is transferred to the packaging and packing stage after pasteurization processes.

In general, the production process of fruit concentrate is as follows:

  • Fruit preparation
  • Wash
  • Juice
  • Filtration (at least in two stages)
  • Deaeration
  • Concentrate
  • Storage of concentrate in large tanks

It should be noted that in the meantime, filtration is usually done under vacuum or ceramic, and the resulting water must lose all its fibers and antioxidants behind the drum filters or ceramic cylinders to be clear. The concentrate produced is stored in tanks or barrels, and for consumption, six times the volume should be added to the water and, if necessary, perfume, fragrance, essential oils and lost vitamins.

In the process of concentrate production after transporting raw materials, fruits such as cherries, apples, grapes, pomegranates and oranges and… to the factory and transfer it by water pressure into special channels and initial washing, on a special rail strip, substandard materials are separated Then the appropriate fruits are transferred to the crusher and from there, after preliminary heating, they enter the press machine to separate the fruit juice, and finally the obtained juice enters the concentration stage to produce concentrate.

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